Parkinson News

Research Forum 2024

RPN’s PD Research Forum 2024, held Saturday, April 20, 2024 at the JCC in Rochester was a smashing success.  About 150 people attended the event that featured presentations by the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research and five researchers from four New York State-based research institutions.  The presentations covered the latest in PD research and afforded attendees an opportunity to participate in at least seven different PD research studies.  Reviews were universally positive.  Thanks to all the volunteers who helped, especially the students from Nazareth University, our Programs Committee, our Board and our favorite videographer, Allegra.  
Spark the Night

April is Parkinson Awareness Month and April 11 is World Parkinson Day.  To commemorate this month and spread the word about Parkinson disease, RPN joined with PD Avengers [] in the Spark the Night campaign.  The goal of the campaign was to illuminate, in vivid blue color, iconic structures and natural features around the world. Here in Rochester, the skyline and High Falls were brilliantly illuminated as the photos here show.

Thanks to the City of Rochester and all the participating operators of the buildings in the photos.  The Rochester skyline stood proudly alongside Niagara Falls, the Empire State building and NY Stock Exchange, the Seattle Eye, and other iconic structures and features in the US [].  Across the globe, from Italy and Germany to Adelaide and Sydney down under, Spark the Night prompted news stories and raised eyes upward and raised awareness about PD.  We might be biased, but we think the best pictures are of Rochester.
World Parkinson’s Day

As part of Rochester Parkinson Network’s efforts to spread the word about the nature and prevalence of Parkinson disease, the City of Rochester, the Monroe County Legislature and the Monroe County Executive have all agreed to issue proclamations naming April 11, 2024 World Parkinson’s Day.  Formal presentations were made to RPN Board members Yvonne and Kevin Hylton at the Rochester City Council and the County Legislature meetings during the month of April.  It’s vital to increase awareness among all people that this is the second fastest growing brain disease in the world.  We can end this disease for our children and their children.  RPN encourages you to spread the word, too.