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Rochester Accessible Adventures invites you to...

Go out with friends, family, RENT the equipment  and join the group going out on Thursdays!
(Erie Canal Boat Company has all the assistive equipment available all the time.)
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Wake-Up Call:
New Patient Survey Reveals Parkinson’s Significantly Disrupts Sleep

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Stories you might have missed...

...from around the web, summer 2024.
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From our friends at the Environmental Working Group

For blueberries, number and toxicity of pesticides continue to be a problem
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DPF reminds us about skin protection.
Melanoma and Parkinson's
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Ali’s daughter takes up the ‘fight’ for Parkinson’s families

Maryum Ali shares how Parkinson's affected her late father, Muhammad Ali

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Falls are the leading cause of injury, disability, nursing home placement, and death in adults over the age of 65 years. Yet in the United States one in every three older adults falls each year.

In order to address this problem, the Occupational Therapy Geriatric Group at the University at Buffalo
created the Home Safety Self Assessment Tool, as a part of combined effort with the Community
Health Foundation of Western and Central New York to disseminate information regarding how to
prevent falls in Erie County, NY.

Use of this tool as instructed in this book helps to prevent future falls. An online version of this tool is available for download at

Download "hssat_v3.pdf"

Your Checklist for Parkinson's Travel

As the busy summer season approaches, learn how to travel with greater ease with Parkinson's disease with the help of this tool prepared and provided by the Davis
Phinney Foundation.

Download "Travel-Checklist-DIGITAL-1.pdf"